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Sifu Marc

Teaching is not only a hobby but also my passion. I am curious by nature, so I constantly seek to expand my knowledge. But I get the most pleasure by passing on what I have learned!

I strive to create an atmosphere that is unintimidating and comfortable but also challenging and intriguing. In a positive milieu students feel free to question what they are doing, knowing they will get a response that will both stimulate their interests and motivate them to keep doing their best.

The more we progress at something, the easier it is to express ourselves and access our inner potential. It is my goal to encourage students to find this path and I truly believe the best way to do this is through my conceptual, quality training.

Walking through the door is always the hardest part. But if you do, I'll help you do the rest.


  • Diplômé d’État

  • Sifu IMAA Ving Tsun®

  • Sifu KUNG4U

  • Guro (Master) IMAA Arnis®  (Kali/Arnis/Escryma)

  • Dalubhasa Escryma/Arnis

  • Instructor FX-Simunition®

  • Instructor Motocycle

  • Instructor Tactique Douanière/Policière d’intervention

  • Experiences et graduations dans different martial arts


Sijie Christy

I've been an athlete for most of my life so I was pretty sure I was coordinated, quick on my feet and able to react rapidly and strategically, when in a pinch, on the court.

I started practicing Arnis in 2004 after the birth of my 2nd son. I didn't understand it. It made me frustrated, And ... it made me laugh. A lot!! Put a stick in your hand and all the coordination that you thought you had goes out the door! LOL The more I did it, though, the more I loved it!

Since then, I Have added IMAA Ving Tsun to my practice and that has stepped up my game even more. I do not consider myself a "fighter", by any means, and I hope I never have to be in such a situation. But the focus, awareness, efficiency and patience that one learns by doing a martial art carries over into your everyday life, something I treasure as a nurse and mother of 3 boys.

It is still hard to do. Once I think I have one thing down, I have to move on to the next technique, feeling, again, inadequate and goofy. But we all laugh and have fun. Together. We ALL feel this way, no matter at which level we are. We see the enormous accomplishments we make each training and can't wait to do it all again the week after.


  • Instructor IMAA Ving Tsun®

  • Instructor IMAA Arnis


Sihing Christian

"Awaken the potential that is in you! "

As I progressed in Kung Fu, I discovered that Wing Tjun was more than self-defense or physical activity. There I discovered my "eternal spring", a work on oneself, for one purpose a perpetual progression to finish, who knows it, with his own path of his own perfection. This kind of training not only strengthens body and mind, but it has made me calmer and more balanced than before. I know better understand myself and manage myself.

With will and regular training we can do everything!


  • Instructor IMAA Ving Tsun®

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