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Martial arts are intimidating in and of themselves. No one wants to "fight" or be aggressive, or be aggressed, for that matter! Martial arts have deep rooted traditions and somewhat strict techniques and forms. To become a Master takes years! While interesting, not everyone has the time for that.

Kung4U is IMAA's innovative answer to overcome your fear of doing a martial art. We have taken all the basic but most important techniques from the first 12 student levels of Wing Tjun and combined them in such a way that, when practiced on a regular basics, within 1 year you can realistically and confidently defend yourself, and loved ones, in most dangerous situations. Already after the first 3 months you will see/feel a difference in your skills.

In short, it's an advanced self-defense class: all the awesome bits of the ancient art of Wing Tjun, plus the benefits of building strength, coordination, focus, self-awareness and self-confidence. And, still have the advantage of being able to call yourself a KungFu Fighter!

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